INFO - Rules

Camp Rules

  1. No one is permitted to leave the camp grounds without the permission of the camp director.
  2. Cabins will be inspected for cleanliness each day.
  3. Campers must not borrow anything from other campers or staff.
  4. Keep the camp clean.
  5. Property deliberately damaged or destroyed will be paid for or replaced by the person responsible.
  6. Camp life is group centered; there must not be any improper display of affection between boys and girls. There will not be any splitting off from the main group. Boys need to stay away from the girls' cabins and girls need to stay away from the boys' cabins.
  7. Do Not Bring: tobacco, alcohol, matches, fireworks, knives, firearms, radios, CD/tape/MP3 players, electronic games, cell phones, computers, PDA's, extra cash, soda pop, candy, or gum.
  8. Vulgar and profane language will not be permitted.
  9. Any visitors of the campers or staff must check in with the director and follow the same rules as everyone else.
  10. All rules will be obeyed by everyone (staff, campers, visitors) at camp, even on the last night.